Rhinology unlimited & 5th Pediatric ORL Society with international participation

Event venue: Pamporovo Convention Center (Pamporovo ski resort)

Country: Bulgaria

Date: 2022 March 18 2022 March 20

Contact: info.congressconsult@gmail.com

Website: http://www.bgspo.com

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8th International Conference on ENT Surgery

Event venue: London

Country: UK

Date: 2021 July 26 2021 July 27

Contact: conferenceent2021@gmail.com

Website: https://ent-surgery.global-summit.com/

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21st International Society for Otitis Media (ISOM) Symposium

Event venue: Tel Aviv

Country: Israel

Date: 2021 June 06 2021 June 09

Contact: n.s.janson@paragong.com

Website: https://isom2021.com

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13th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

Event venue: Virtual

Country: Virtual

Date: 2021 May 28 2021 May 28

Contact: conferencemarketing@conventus.de

Website: https://www.els2021.org/

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International Congress of ORL-HNS 2021 (ICORL 2021)

Event venue: online

Country: Korea

Date: 2021 April 23 2021 April 25

Contact: secretariat@icorl2021.org

Website: http://www.icorl2021.org

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Temporal bone course – Prague 2021

Event venue: Prague

Country: Czechia

Date: 2021 January 25 2021 January 28

Contact: monika.mikulasova@fnmotol.cz

Website: http://temporalbonecourse.cz/

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ORLIAC 2020: XI International Academic Conference on Otorhinolaryngology

Event venue: Auditorium Antonianum, ROME

Country: Italy

Date: 2020 October 18 2020 October 21

Contact: registration@orliac2020.eu

Website: https://www.mcascientificevents.eu/orliac/?utm_source=IFOS_Website&utm_medium=Ev…

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30th Congress of Union of the European Phoniatricians

Event venue: Antalya

Country: Turkey

Date: 2020 October 06 2020 October 10

Contact: ozenginyer@topkon.com

Website: http://uep2020.org/

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Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus & Skull Base Hands on Course (PSSB)

Event venue: Inselspital, University Hospital Bern

Country: Switzerland

Date: 2020 September 03 2020 September 04

Contact: lukas.anschuetz@insel.ch

Website: http://www.pssb-swiss-meeting.ch

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Swiss Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course (SEES)

Event venue: Inselspital, University Hospital Bern

Country: Switzerland

Date: 2020 August 31 2020 September 01

Contact: lukas.anschuetz@insel.ch

Website: http://www.sees-swiss-meeting.ch

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82nd Congress of the Czech Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery CLS JEP

Event venue: Prague

Country: Czechia

Date: 2020 June 17 2020 June 19

Website: http://www.orlkongres2020.cz

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37° Panamerican Congress of Otolaryngology

Event venue: Barcelo Bavaro Convention Center, Punta Cana

Country: Dominican Republic

Date: 2020 June 07 2020 June 10

Contact: panamorl2020@gmail.com

Website: http://www.panamorl2020.org

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Endoscopic Surgery of the Sinuses, Eustachian Tube, and Ear

Event venue: Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Country: United States

Date: 2020 May 04 2020 May 06

Contact: ceprograms@hms.harvard.edu

Website: http://cmeregistration.hms.harvard.edu/ENTsurgery2020

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AOS & CASOS 1st congress

Event venue: Boulevard Hotel Baku Autograph Collection

Country: Azerbaijan

Date: 2020 April 10 2020 April 12

Contact: orlazerb@gmail.com

Website: http://www.orlcongress.az

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World Congress on Neuroscience and Brain Disorders

Event venue: Osaka, Japan HYATT REGENCY OSAKA

Country: Japan

Date: 2020 March 30 2020 March 31

Contact: braindisorders@conferenceinsights.com

Website: https://coalesceresearchgroup.com/conferences/neuroscience

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World Congress on Primary Healthcare

Event venue: Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira, Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Date: 2020 March 23 2020 March 25

Contact: primaryhealthcare@conferencesinsight.com

Website: https://coalesceresearchgroup.com/conferences/primary-healthcare

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World Congress on Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology

Event venue: Dubai

Country: UAE

Date: 2020 March 23 2020 March 25

Contact: otorhinolaryngology@coalescemeetings.com

Website: https://coalesceresearchgroup.com/conferences/otology-rhinology

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