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Executive Board meeting held in Cape Town, 2014

executive board meeting IFOS Cape Town 2014 Standing (left to right)
Agricio Crespo (Brazil), Hamid Benghalem (Morocco), Vincent Cousins (Australia), Virgilius Uloza (Lithuania), Hector Ruiz (Argentina), Isaac Macharia (Kenya), Mamoru Suzuki (Japan), Johan Fagan (South Africa),

Sitting (left to right)
Frederic Chabolle (France), Milan Profant (Slovakia), Chong Sun Kim (Korea), Tania Sih (Brazil), John Hamilton (South Africa)

Big Success with Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Operative Surgery

We have reached a landmark with the Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Operative Surgery

320 000 chapters downloaded!

Currently at more than 650 chapters downloaded per day.

President and General Secretary's of French ENT Society welcome to IFOS World Congres 2017

The World ENT congress, taking place in Paris, in 2017, should be an essential event for the ENT worldwide community, regardless of nationality and type of practices.

With the IFOS board, we have decided to put this event under the sign of a triple mission: Diversity, Innovation and Evaluation.

- Diversity of practices and resources around the world.
- Innovation to link basic science and clinical research.
- Evaluation of quality of care, leading to worldwide guidelines.

The social program will be outstanding, focusing on Paris, the "Ville Lumière" but also on the diverse senses of the ENT field.

We are expecting you, from all over the world, to affirm the strength and dynamism of our speciality.

IFOS Paris 2017 - ENT WORLD Congress is waiting for you!

Professor B.Fraysse

Professor F.Chabolle
General Secretary

3rd Congress of European ORL-HNS

3rd European ORL-HNS

30th Politzer Society Meeting

30th Politzer Society Meeting

16th World Congress of Rhinology

16th World Congress of Rhinology

7th International Symposium on Meniere's Disease and Inner Ear Disorders

Will be held in Rome on October 17th-20th 2015 under auspice of IFOS.

This Symposium will offer a high quality scientific program focusing on Meniere's disease and vestibular research and, following the last editions (Los Angeles, Kyoto), will cover most of the topics around the inner ear, with highlights on recent progresses in the fields of basic science, such as molecular biology, genetics, and rehabilitative procedures (cochlear and middle ear implants).

Meeting Minutes from General Assembly held in Seoul, 2013

Please find in this link Meeting Minutes from General Assembly that was held in Seoul, 3rd June, 2013.

executive board meeting IFOS Seoul 2013 Standing
Erwin Offeciers (Belgium), Peter Kabat (Slovakia), Johan Fagan (South Africa), John Hamilton (South Africa), Vincent Cousins (Australia), Rakesh Prasad Shrivastav (Nepal), Virgilius Uloza (Lithuania), Anton Gross (Germany), Hamid Benghalem (Morocco), Frederic Chabolle (France), Gregory Randolph (USA), Isaac Macharia (Kenya), Carlos Stott (Chile)

Klaus Jahnke (Germany), Milan Profant (Slovakia), Charlotte Chiong (Oceania), Chong Sun Kim (Korea), Bernard Fraysse (France), Nasser Kotby (Egypt), Suchitra Prasansuk(Thailand), Hector Ruiz (Argentina)

Big Success with Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Operative Surgery

We have reached a landmark with the Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Operative Surgery
200 000 chapters downloaded!
Currently at more than 500 chapters downloaded per day.

The top 25 countries accessing the website that hosts the index for the textbook are: South Africa > India > UK > USA > Saudi Arabia > Egypt > Italy > Germany > Nigeria > Australia > Sweden > Canada > Kenya > Pakistan > Vietnam > Malaysia > Philippines > Greece > Iran > Oman > Iraq > Indonesia > Brazil > Spain > Hong Kong.


WHO is undertaking a twitter and FaceBook campaign on the occasion of International Ear Care Day, March 3. The campaign will be running over the next few days. Please feel free to join in and give your thoughts and opinions on the issue of hearing loss.

You can join it at https://twitter.com/@WHO

Also, watch out for hearing loss stories on WHO Facebook account


In otorhinolaryngology video plays a very important role. MEDtube is delivering useful, innovative tools, helping our community of professionals. I share MEDtube passion for innovative education and the concept of sharing medical knowledge. Here we present a possibility to watch ENT medical videos presented in the MEDtube. All who want to publish their video can send it either to IFOS webmaster or directly to MEDtube.


During the XIXth World Congress in Sao Paulo, the initiatives of the Educational Committee were discussed in the Executive Committee meetings of Sunday May 31st and June 4th and were approved during the General Assembly.
The paper on minimum requirements of an ENT training worldwide are combined with the initiative of Dr. Johan Fagan from Cape Town to start with an ENT training program within the Developing Countries. This training program should be totally different from the training programs in Developed Countries because of their need and possibilities and their different incidence of disease and complications. Dr. Johan Fagan developed the website Educational support for ENT surgeons in the Developing World

Educational support for ENT surgeons in the Developing World

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