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  • Problem Based Learning in ORL


    Dear IFOS Community,

    we have the pleasure to share full text of the book Problem Based Learning in ORL by prof. Abdulrahman Hagr.

  • IFOS World Congres 2026


    Dear IFOS friends,


    with great pleasure we can announce that during the General Assembly in Jan 2023, Istanbul Turkey has been selected as a city for organizing IFOS World Congress 2026.

    Chair: Dr. Özgür Yiğit

    Local Scientific Committee Chair: Dr. Metin Önerci



  • VoiceScreen App


    VoiceScreen app

    Voice disorders (hoarseness) are rather common among the general population. The causes of hoarseness can be related to common respiratory diseases and/or to vocal fatigue caused by vocal overload, however it can also be related to functional, behavioral, neurologic factors and both benign and malignant laryngeal tumors. Hoarseness can also be an early symptom of laryngeal cancer.

    VoiceScreen app performs an automatic analysis of the voice signal using the recordings of a sustained vowel [a:] sound and speech. Based on the analysis of the voice, the application combines six different voice function parameters and presents Acoustic Voice Quality Index (AVQI). This index measures possible voice changes and differentiates normal and pathological voices.

    The VoiceScreen app can be freely downloaded from the App Store. Currently, this app is available in 13 languages and is suitable for iOS-based devices – iPhones, tablets etc.

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  • Global Surveys


    Dear ENT friend, please take some time and respond to the below surveys!


    Infrastructure and Barriers to Care: 

    Training, Education, and Service Delivery: 

organized congresses

Educational material

One of the essential missions of IFOS and SFORL is to disseminate and give access to scientific content to all health professionnals.

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Training course

Produce an international course per continent whose content has been adapted to the needs of participants

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Humanitarian actions

Promoting global actions and connecting volunteers. willing to help colleagues in a field of Otolaryngology. Head Neck surgery and from local teams willing to be helped.

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Connect young ENTs professionals around the world to facilitate collaboorative scientific work and enable international exchanges.

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