Otolaryngology 2023

Event venue: Tokyo

Country: Japan

Date: 2023 May 15 2023 May 16

Contact: otolaryngology@scientexevents.com

Website: https://www.otolaryngology.scientexconference.com/

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Event venue: JERUSALEM

Country: Israel

Date: 2023 May 14 2023 May 17

Contact: secretariat@isda-academy.com

Website: https://pwm-events.com/afidoc-2023/

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BSO Annual Meeting

Event venue: livestream

Country: UK

Date: 2023 May 05 2023 May 04

Contact: events@entuk.org

Website: https://www.entuk.org/events/76/bso_the_british_society_of_otology_annual_meetin…

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7th International conference of Otolaryngology and ENT

Event venue: Dubai

Country: UAE

Date: 2023 April 18 2023 April 19

Contact: entconferences991@gmail.com

Website: https://entconference.euroscicon.com

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Asia Oceania ORL-HNS Congress hosted by the Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Event venue: Brisbane, Queensland

Country: Australia

Date: 2023 March 08 2023 March 12

Contact: support@orlhns23.com

Website: https://orlhns23.com

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8th World Chinese Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Conference

Event venue: CUHK Medical Centre

Country: Hong Kong

Date: 2022 December 02 2022 December 04

Contact: entconf@ent.cuhk.edu.hk

Website: https://www.ent.cuhk.edu.hk/entconf2022/

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Robotic TORs Course 28th - 29th November 2022

Event venue: Newcastle Surgical Training Centre, Freeman Hospital, Freeman Road, High Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE7 7DN, UK

Country: UK

Date: 2022 November 28 2022 November 29

Contact: gaynor.capp@nhs.net

Website: http://www.nstcsurg.org/

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8th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD AND NECK SURGERY

Event venue: Chitanvis Centre 56, Temple Road, Civil Lines, Nagpur, 440001

Country: India

Date: 2022 November 25 2022 November 27

Contact: iaohns@gmail.com

Website: https://www.iaohns2022.com/

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Egypt ORl 2022

Event venue: Intercontinental City stars Cairo

Country: Egypt

Date: 2022 November 17 2022 November 19

Contact: esraa.abdallah@eventorevent.com

Website: http://www.egypt-orl.com

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Curso teórico práctico: Actualización en Rinosinusología por los expertos. Curso de disección en cadáver

Event venue: Bogotá

Country: Colombia

Date: 2022 November 11 2022 November 11

Contact: asistente@acorl.org.co

Website: https://www.acorl.org.co/visitante/eventos/detalle-evento/?evento=151

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6th Congress of European Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Event venue: Milan

Country: Italy

Date: 2022 October 29 2022 November 02

Contact: ceorlhns@mondial-congress.com

Website: https://www.ceorlhns2022.org/

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“International Ophthalmology Conference”

Event venue: Hilton Garden Inn Lake Buena Vista/Orlando 11400 Marbella Palm Ct, Orlando, FL 32836, United States

Country: usa

Date: 2022 October 27 2022 October 28

Contact: opthamology@magnusconferences.org

Website: https://ophthalmology.magnusconferences.com/

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3rd Edition of Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

Event venue: Hilton Garden Inn Lake Buena Vista/Orlando 11400 Marbella Palm Ct, Orlando, FL 32836, United States

Country: USA

Date: 2022 October 24 2022 October 26

Contact: addiction@magnusconference.com

Website: https://addiction-behavioral-conferences.magnusgroup.org/

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Otoalex & Egyptian CI

Event venue: Golden Jewel Hotel

Country: Alexandria, Egypt

Date: 2022 October 13 2022 October 15

Contact: esraa.abdallah@eventorevent.com

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Emerging Techniques and Advancement in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

Event venue: Tokyo

Country: Japan

Date: 2022 October 04 2022 October 04

Contact: ent@scientexevents.com

Website: https://ent.scientexconference.com/

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2nd World Congress on Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology

Event venue: Paris

Country: France

Date: 2022 September 19 2022 September 20

Contact: otorhinolaryngology@crgmeetings.org

Website: https://otorhinolaryngologyconference.com/

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2nd Edition of World Health Care and Nursing Conference

Event venue: Wyndham Rome Midas- Rome, Italy

Country: Italy

Date: 2022 September 19 2022 September 21

Contact: nursing@irisscigroup.com

Website: https://irisscientificgroup.com/conferences/healthcare-nursing/

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Central European Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course

Event venue: Theoretical Institutes Building; Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; Palacký University Olomouc; Olomouc; Czechia

Country: Czech Republic

Date: 2022 September 05 2022 September 06

Contact: k.dostalova@solen.cz

Website: https://czechearendoscopy.com/

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Azerbaijan Otorhinolaryngology Society & Central and West Asian ORL HNS Association (AOS & CASOS) 1st İinternational congress

Event venue: ASATID & Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard

Country: Azerbaijan

Date: 2022 September 02 2022 September 03

Contact: orlazerb@gmail.com

Website: https://orl.org.az/aoc-and-casos-1st-congress/

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Copenhagen International Head & Neck Ultrasound Course

Event venue: The University of Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Date: 2022 June 23 2022 June 24

Contact: ultrasound.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk

Website: https://www.neckultrasound.com/

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